Is This the Year for a Furnace Replacement?

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dog-under-blanketIt’s only the beginning of March, and we’ve all seen winter make a roaring comeback at this time of the year in the past. Now, that being said, it is also safe to say that the bulk of the winter weather is behind us once more. You may be ready to shift your focus away from the heater in your home at this point, but the fact is that the end of the season is the perfect time to start thinking about a furnace replacement in Cherry Hill, NJ.

There may be more exciting ways in which to spend your money, but the truth is that you will need to replace your heater eventually. Ideally, you’ll have that done at a very convenient time. That means not waiting until heating technicians are running around during the coldest time of the year. It also means not waiting for the system to break down entirely. Here are some factors to consider if it’s looking like the time may be nigh for a furnace replacement.

How Old Is Your System?

We don’t want to sound pessimistic, and there is no reason to just assume that an old furnace is one that you cannot count on. However, age is definitely one of the more important deciding factors to consider when replacing a furnace,  even if it is not a deciding factor on its own. So how does age play into the situation?

Well, your furnace could be old enough that, even though it’s still functioning pretty well, it simply was not manufactured up to today’s efficiency standards and expectations. It could also have lost some of its efficiency over the years—efficiency that cannot be re-established even with routine maintenance. Whatever the case, keep age in mind when weighing other factors, as well.


We mentioned that efficiency can start to fade over the years, but it’s also possible that you compromised in terms of efficiency in favor of affordability at the time of purchasing your furnace. After all, systems with higher efficiency levels do tend to be more expensive.

If you are sick of overpaying for your heating, and the age of your system is advanced enough that you think it may not have too many more seasons left in it anyway, then now is probably a good time to get a replacement in place. You got your money’s worth out of that old system, it gets to go out on a high note, and you can cut heating costs moving forward.


This one ties into the age of the system as well. If you have a relatively new heating system, and it requires an expensive repair, you’ll really need to think about whether or not that repair cost is justified. With a very old system that doesn’t have many years left, it’s a bit easier to decide to pull the plug.

Even if the repairs are not all that expensive, but they are somewhat frequent, you’re right to consider a replacement. You cannot put your faith in a system that lets you and your family down when temperatures really start to fall.

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