Ductless systems, also known as ductless mini splits, provide benefits as an alternative to the standard split system air conditioners most homes still use. Climate Mechanics LLC in an HVAC contractor in Cherry Hill that works with all types of heating and air conditioning systems, so we have extensive experience working with ductless mini splits.

We have NATE-certified experts to help you find out if going with ductless heating and cooling is right for you. They’ll also provide whatever repair and maintenance service you may require. How can we change your climate today in Cherry Hill, NJ?

Ductless air conditioning and heating systems have been popular for years in Europe and Japan, and they’ve already made a mark on businesses in the U.S. Only in the last decade or so have they started to make the move into residential homes—but they’re making a big difference now that they’ve arrived.

The Secret Behind Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating

It’s not actually a secret! In fact, it’s simple. First, think about a conventional split system air conditioner or heat pump. One indoor unit, one outdoor unit.

Ductwork connects to the indoor unit, and a blower fan sends conditioned air into the ventilation system to spread it around the house through the ducts.

Now, think of taking the single indoor unit and dividing it up into a series of smaller units. Each one still connects to a single outdoor unit, but they’re placed in different parts of the house and attached to the walls, with space allowing the power, condensate, and refrigerant cables to pass through to the outside.

These individual blower units don’t have ductwork connected to them, because they condition the air and send it straight into the room where they’re installed.

Why Should You Choose Ductless Mini Split Systems?

You might read the above section and think, “That’s neat, but how does it help me?” First, it might not help you. It’s important to make the choice for heating and air conditioning installation with an HVAC professional. If a ductless heating and cooling system is the right option, here are some advantages you’ll enjoy:

  • Heating and cooling: The majority of ductless systems are types of heat pumps, so they can work to either remove heat from your house or to bring heat into it. Your comfort for the year is taken care of!
  • Energy savings: Ductless systems use smaller motors than standard split systems, consuming less energy. The lack of ducts also means less heat loss and gain, which boosts system’s energy efficiency.
  • Zone control: You only need to run the units in occupied rooms. You don’t have to spend money heating or cooling down the whole house when you’re only using part of it.

Find Out More About Ductless Mini Splits in Cherry Hill, NJ

Going ductless is an excellent choice for older homes without ductwork, new home construction, and remodeling projects.

Contact Climate Mechanics LLC and our friendly service professionals can answer any questions you may have. We are committed to seeing you have the best climate control possible for your home! You can always look to us for HVAC repair and maintenance work.

We offer service for all makes and models, and we’ll ensure that whatever trouble you’re having with comfort for your home in Cherry Hill, NJ or the surrounding areas is fixed correctly. We’ve earned a reputation for getting jobs done right the first time.