The quality of the air in your home is something you can control with professional assistance, the same way you can control the indoor climate. In fact, you can use the same Cherry Hill HVAC contractors to manage both: Climate Mechanics LLC.

Did you know that 90% of homes have poor indoor air quality? That’s a scary statistic, but if you think of it as an alert to take action, you’ll find it less intimidating.

When we work with you to help with IAQ, we’ll probably start with putting in air filtration and air purification systems. We’re committed to seeing that you have the right filters and purifiers for healthy indoor air. Trust to more than 25 years of HVAC services experience in the Cherry Hill, NJ area. How can we change your climate today?

Finding the Right Air Filtration System

Air filters work in a basic way: a mesh of fibers traps particles in the air as the air moves through them. Filters come in many different strength levels (which are measured with a MERV rating).

But you can’t go out and purchase the strongest filter you can find and trust it to work. The more tightly woven the mesh of the filter, the more it will impede airflow. A poorly chosen air filter can end up damaging the HVAC system.

The trick to getting the best air filtration system in your home is to leave the work to us. We’ll find the ideal type to target pollutants in your home without putting strain on the HVAC system.

The Power of Air Purifiers

Pairing up an air filter with an electronic air purifier can eliminate more than 99% of the unwanted particles circulating through a house. Air purifiers don’t use mesh to trap pollutants. Instead, they create electronic fields to ionize the air.

These ionizer purifiers change the charges of the particles in the air of the ventilation system and then draw the particles down to trap them onto metal plates. Clean off the plates occasionally and the air purification system will be good to go again.

You May Need a UV Air Purifier

This is a specific type of air purification system that targets a nasty kind of contaminant: organic pollutants. Mold spores, germs, viruses, and various microbes can easily escape both filters and ionizers.

They won’t get past a UV air purifier, however! These devices use ultraviolet radiation to destroy the cellular structure of organic pollutants, destroying them or rendering them inert.

UV air purifiers place no chemicals into a home’s air, are safe for people and pets, and require little maintenance.

We Offer Great Air Filter and Air Purifier Service to Cherry Hill, NJ

You may not know what’s wrong with your home’s air, but we can find out. Request a free estimate on air testing with us, and we’ll give you a full report on air quality issues that need to be dealt with.

Once we’ve done that, our professionals will work closely with you to find the right air filtration and air purification systems that will reward you with a clean, healthy indoor environment.

We are passionate about helping homes in Cherry Hill, NJ enjoy great air quality. Call us today and we’ll answer any questions you have.