The quality of air inside buildings today is shockingly poor. People usually think of air pollution as something happening outside. But reports from the EPA show that in general the air inside buildings is as much as three to four times worse. A commercial HVAC contractor can help your Cherry Hill business maintain healthy air quality.

It’s true for homes, but even more so for commercial and industrial buildings, where exhaust and the byproducts of supplies and equipment can lead to conditions that range from unpleasant to unhealthy.

Improving the indoor air quality of your commercial building should be as much a priority as maintaining a comfortable temperature. Climate Mechanics LLC is here to help you with this job in the Cherry Hill, NJ area.

Our licensed and certified technicians will test the indoor air and find the best air quality installations and other solutions. How can we change your indoor air quality today?

Why Low Indoor Air Quality Is Common

What’s the reason for the plague of low IAQ (indoor air quality) in modern buildings? The basic cause is an ironic one: buildings are constructed too well.

To increase the energy efficiency of a building, it must have strong insulation from the outside. This way it won’t lose heat in cold weather or gain heat in hot weather. But all the insulation and heat sealing on a building ends up trapping the indoor air without enough ventilation.

The indoor air becomes stale, humid, or dry, and many pollutants from indoor sources build up without a way to escape. The air inside a typical office building can be filled with dust, dirt, lint, smoke, chemicals, mold spores, bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and more.

Dealing with IAQ Problems

How do we solve issues with imbalanced humidity and airborne pollutants that affect indoor air quality? There are multiple techniques to approach these problems, and you can count on our experts to put the best technology to use to see that your commercial building has fresh, healthy air.

  • Air filters: We will match mechanical air filters to your HVAC system to stop harmful particles from circulating.
  • Air purifiers: Electronic air purifiers are helpful at targeting the minute particles that may escape filtration systems.
  • UV germicidal lights: If your company has trouble with organic contaminants and the spread of germs and viruses, UV lights are an effective and safe remedy.
  • Humidifiers/dehumidifiers: Balanced humidity means a more comfortable work space, lower utility bills, better health conditions, and less damage to materials.
  • Heat and energy recovery ventilators: These installations allow fresh air into a building, but without putting extra strain on the heating and cooling system.

Your Commercial IAQ Experts for Cherry Hill, NJ

Think of indoor air quality as the other half of indoor comfort. The first half is climate control. If you only pay attention to one half, you’ll end up suffering because of the other. We want you to have the best for your commercial building in the Cherry Hill, NJ area.

When you contact Climate Mechanics LLC for assistance with your commercial indoor air quality, our technicians will work closely with you to find the ideal solution. We use the most up–to–date technology available so you receive the finest work on each job.