What does “radiant heating” mean? The broad definition is that it’s a way that heat moves: an object is heated, and the heat radiates off it in waves that transfer to other objects, raising their temperature. If you want to find out more about in-floor radiant heating, talk to our professionals at Climate Mechanics LLC. We offer quality heating services in Cherry Hill and the surrounding areas.

Unlike convection heating—which is how furnaces work—the air between isn’t heated, only the objects in the space.

What does that mean for your home heating? A radiant heating system is one that uses hot water or electricity to warm up objects parts of the house, in turn warming up the people inside it. Boiler systems are a type of radiant heating. Another kind of radiant heater, in-floor heating, is becoming more popular—and for some good reasons.

Why Use In–Floor Radiant Heating?

Putting in a radiant heating system with pipes or electric heating elements down in a subfloor of a house is a large job. You’ll want to know how this type of radiant heater will help you out before you decide to install one. What are the benefits? Here are only a few:

  • Energy efficient: Heating from the floor means people in a room receive warmth faster, and the system won’t need to run as often. The energy savings are even better with a hydronic (water–powered) system, since water is a more effective heat transference medium.
  • Even heat distribution: Compared to forced–air heaters such as furnaces, and even standard boilers using radiators, in–floor heating creates an even spread of comfort in the space with few cold spots.
  • Cozy: Radiant heating just feels better than forced–air heating. It’s less stuffy, and has the sensation like a pleasant sunny day. With in-floor heating, you’ll have the thrill of toasty warmth under your toes each morning.

Radiant Heating Repairs and Maintenance

The good news with in-floor radiant heating systems when it comes to repairs is that they usually need few of them. Because radiant heaters have a small number of mechanical parts, they wear down slowly. But when something goes wrong and you find part of your house is colder than it should be, our repair experts will have the radiant system fixed.

Maintenance is key to ensuring your in–floor system runs for as many years as possible and stays energy efficient. With our help providing regular maintenance, you’ll enjoy quality service and comfort with few interruptions.

Rely on Us for Radiant Heating Services in Cherry Hill, NJ

In the more than 25 years we’ve been in business, we’ve become familiar with many types of home heating systems. If you are interested in installing an in–floor heating system for your home, but you have plenty of questions you want answered, Climate Mechanics LLC is the Cherry Hill, NJ contractor you want to speak to.

Our informed and friendly service professionals can provide you with all the answers you need. We are committed to providing the best possible heating for your home, and we have a reputation for getting jobs done right the first time!