Although the furnace is the heating system found in the majority of modern homes, it still has competition from the boiler. Boiler systems have a long history of providing buildings with excellent comfort in winter. But a boiler can only work as well as the professionals who install and service it.

If you have a need for boiler installation or repair for your home in Cherry Hill, NJ, make sure you call on the experienced and friendly service professionals at Climate Mechanics LLC.

We have offered boiler and other heating services for more than 25 years, and over that time we’ve earned a reputation for getting jobs done correctly the first time. Let us put our skill and customer service to work for you! Let us ask: “How can we change your climate today?”

How a Boiler System Delivers Great Heating Power

The modern boiler is a hydronic system that sends heated water through pipes to different sections of a house. (Boilers no longer use steam power, so they don’t actually boil the water.)

From a central water tank, the water is heated either through the combustion of natural gas or electric resistance. A circulator pump pipes the water to different terminal points, such as radiators and hydronic baseboard heaters.

As the temperatures of these objects rises, they radiate waves of heat into the living spaces. This is radiant heating, which is much different than the convection heating of a forced–air system like a furnace.

Why Consider a Boiler System Installation?

If you are weighing choices for heating installation in a new home, it will often come down to picking between a furnace and a boiler. Here are some advantages of a boiler system to consider.

  • Energy savings: Because water transfers heat more effectively than air, a boiler in general performs at higher energy efficiency than a furnace. You’ll need to run the boiler less often, and it costs less when it is running.
  • Fewer repairs: A boiler doesn’t require as many mechanical moving parts to run as a furnace or a heat pump. The lower amount of wear and tear means a boiler should run into fewer repair needs over its lifetime.
  • Better heat distribution: Forced–air systems tend to leave cold spots around rooms, and it can take a long time for the heat gathered at a ceiling to spread downward. But radiant heat from a radiator of baseboard heater travels quickly and evenly through a room.

The choice you make for heating will have a major impact on your home, and there’s no simple right answer. Let our professionals guide you toward your ideal heating system.

We Offer Excellent Boiler Service in Cherry Hill, NJ

A boiler may need fewer repairs than other heating systems, but it can’t avoid all repairs. You have Climate Mechanics LLC to assist you with any malfunctions your boiler may encounter. We take pride in getting jobs done right the first time, so let us restore your winter comfort.

Make sure to schedule regular boiler maintenance with us as well: this service will see that your boiler has a long life and remains as repair–free and energy efficient as possible.

No matter your heating needs in Cherry Hill, NJ or the surrounding areas, leave them to us. We’re committed to giving you an ideal indoor climate.