The idea behind the furnace has been around as long as the fireplace and the stove. The modern furnace is a complex and powerful device capable of standing up to even the coldest day. This is especially true when you have a reliable Cherry Hill HVAC contractor to keep up the maintenance.

A furnace is a reliable choice for heating a home, and that’s why you’ll find more of them in houses in Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding area than any other type of heating system.

If you’re one of the many homeowners with a furnace to provide winter comfort, make sure you only contact professionals for furnace service.

And not just any professionals. Climate Mechanics LLC is a family-owned and operated heating contractor with more than 25 years of experience and a reputation for doing jobs right the first time. From new installations to repairs, trust your furnace needs to us.

The Gas Furnace vs. The Electric Furnace

Furnaces have run from a variety of energy sources through their long history. Two are dominant today: natural gas and electricity. When you are looking into a furnace installation, you may find yourself debating which option is the best.

Gas furnaces in Cherry Hill, NJ are usually the preferred option. They have high heat output, making them great for older homes with low insulation. The cost of natural gas is less than electricity, so they are cost–effective choices as well.

The electric furnace, however, is a flexible alternative for homes without a connection to a municipal gas line. Although gas furnaces cost less to run, electric furnaces are less expensive to install up front. They can also achieve longer service lives.

Choosing between these types of furnaces isn’t difficult, however. All you do is work with our heating installation and replacement specialists from the start. They’ll identify the best heating system to deliver the indoor climate you and your family need.

The Dual Fuel Hybrid System Option

Heat pumps are a popular alternative to furnaces thanks to their ability to deliver both heating and cooling. The problem heat pumps can sometimes encounter is they struggle with efficiency when the outdoor temperature is too cold.

The solution: combine a heat pump and a furnace! A dual fuel heat pump, a.k.a. a hybrid heat dual fuel system, uses a back–up furnace (often propane–fired) to support the heat pump in heating mode. If the heat pump loses efficiency, the furnace will switch on to make up the difference. Contact us to learn more about dual fuel systems.

Furnace Services: Installation, Repair & Maintenance

If it’s with furnace service, we’re ready to help! We work with all makes and models, so you can rest assured when you reach out to us that we can take care of your furnace repair, furnace maintenance, or extensive furnace installation.

No matter if you use an electric or gas furnace, or even a dual fuel heat pump, we’ll take care of the job fast and get it done right.

At Climate Mechanics LLC, we are committed to providing the best climate for homeowners in Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are top–notch in both HVAC services and customer service. Contact us to start your services today.