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At Climate Mechanics, we believe in giving our customers a wide range of options. One of our services that allows you to improve your indoor air quality is energy and heat recovery ventilator installation. These systems allow you to enjoy fresh air and save money on your utility bill. Call us to learn more or to schedule a free installation estimate.

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Here is one of the dilemmas Cherry Hill HVAC contractors have when it comes to keeping a home comfortable: allowing fresh air to circulate without putting strain on either the air conditioner or the heater.

When either comfort system is on, doors and windows need to stay shut or else energy will go to waste. Because modern homes are so well-insulated against the outside, this means the indoor air will become stale and stuffy.

There’s a way around this however: have a heat or energy recovery ventilator installed. You may not know about these devices, but they can make a huge change in comfort and costs in your house.

Climate Mechanics LLC can answer all your questions about them and handle installation and other services. How can we change your climate today in the Cherry Hill, NJ area?

What Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators Do

Energy recovery ventilators (ERV) and heat recovery ventilators (HRV) are devices integrated into a home’s ventilation system to allow in fresh currents of outdoor air.

They pre-heat or pre-cool this air to match closer the indoor temperature. Instead of using extra energy to heat or cool the air, the HRV/ERV system uses energy inside the house: the already heated or cooled air.

An example: on a cold day, an ERV pulls in a current of air from outside. It’s fresh, but also cold. It also draws in a current of air from the house. It’s stale, but heated with energy from the furnace.

The ERV draws the current together in a heat exchanger. The heat from the indoor air transfers to the outside air, warming it up. The stale air is exhausted, and the fresh air—now warmer—enters the house.

Benefits of an ERV or HRV System

In the example above, the ERV recovered the energy used in the furnace to originally warm up the indoor air and applied it to the incoming fresh air. This stops the usual energy loss a house would experience if doors and windows were opened up to the outside.

Around 80% of the energy from the heater or air conditioner (they work in both hot and cold weather) can be recovered this way. This means significant energy savings—and the house has fresher air along with it.

In addition, an energy recovery ventilator transfers moisture between the air currents, helping with humidity control. On the other hand, heat recovery ventilators tend to work better in extreme cold situations. Let the professionals help you make a choice between them.

We Install and Service Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators in Cherry Hill.

If you read the above and thought, “Wow, I want one of those for my home!”, all it takes to get started is contacting Climate Mechanics LLC. We’re familiar with many types of indoor air quality systems, and you can trust us to locate the ideal HRV or ERV system to deliver the results you want. If the ventilator needs repairs in the future, look to us as well.

We have more than 25 years of history helping the Cherry Hill, NJ area with comfort and indoor air quality, and we’re dedicated to giving you the home environment you want and deserve. Request a free estimate online today.

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