Energy-Efficient HVAC Tips for Your Commercial Heating and Cooling System

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As a business, every penny counts, so when there are easy things you can do to save money, it just makes sense to do them. Climate Mechanics is a top-rated HVAC contractor in the Cherry Hill, NJ area. Below, we'll offer up some great energy-efficient HVAC tips for your commercial heating and cooling system. Call for a free estimate today!

Change Your HVAC Filters Regularly

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Dirty air filters restrict the flow of air coming in and out of your heating and cooling system. This can lead to more undue wear and tear on your HVAC system as it works harder to move air around. Furthermore, less contaminants and allergens are being removed from the air, resulting in poorer air quality.

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Install A Programmable Or Smart Thermostat

Let's face it, you don't have time to constantly adjust the thermostat in your commercial space. By having a programmable or smart thermostat, you can set it once and be done, and if you need to adjust it, you can do so from a mobile app for many systems.

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Dirty Or Clogged Filters

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Insulation does wonders for conserving energy and keeping air inside your system the temperature you want it to be. You can insulate your HVAC ducting, pipes, and electrical outlets in order to conserve energy loss.

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Ensure Timely Preventative Maintenance

Commercial HVAC systems have a big job to do, and they run most hours of the day doing so. This means that they can experience wear and tear more so than residential HVAC systems. It's super important that you maintain your recommended preventative maintenance schedule in order to ensure operating efficiency and ward off major repairs.

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Climate Mechanics is a leader in commercial HVAC systems in South New Jersey. Our team offers commercial HVAC installations, repairs, and regular maintenance. Consider investing in our maintenance program to save. Call today!

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