What to Do if Your Furnace Goes Out

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No one likes being cold, and if your furnace has gone out, you need a furnace repair as soon as possible. Climate Mechanics is a local South New Jersey HVAC company that offers emergency furnace repairs. Below, we'll offer up some things to do if your furnace goes out. Call for a free estimate today!

Troubleshoot The "Obvious"


We say the obvious, but really it's the easiest. If your furnace is out, you'll want to check to see if the furnace is turned on and if it is set to heat mode. It may be something as simple as this as to why your furnace is out. Check your thermostat next to see if a setting is not wrong.


Check The Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers pop, or shut off, when a surge of electricity is detected coming into your home. This is to protect your electrical wiring from receiving too much energy that could then be a fire hazard. Check your circuit breaker to ensure it is on. You can try resetting it, too.


Is The Pilot Light On?


Sometimes your furnace is just not receiving enough gas or propane to get started. Then, your pilot light won't ignite to start your furnace. Check your gas valve to ensure it's in the "on"position, or check your propane tank gauge to ensure it is full.


Call For Emergency Furnace Repair

If nothing you do has worked and you and Google are out of ideas, then it's best to call for emergency furnace repair from the professionals. Many offer 24-hour, 365-day service, so you can have your furnace up and running again soon.



Climate Mechanics offers 24-hour emergency services, so we’ll come out day or night. Our seasoned team will send out an HVAC technician as soon as possible to troubleshoot and offer a furnace repair. Don’t suffer in the cold. Give us a call today!