Should You Heat Rooms in Your Home With a Space Heater?

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Our top-rated HVAC technicians here at Climate Mechanics in South New Jersey are often asked by our customers if space heaters are good alternatives to heating a room versus using a central heating system. Below, we'll tackle the answer to that question. Contact us for a free heating estimate today!

Consider The Size Of Your Space


Space heaters typically use less energy than a furnace or other home heating system. Thus, if you are only heating one or two rooms, you'll save money using a space heater. However, if you are using multiple space heaters in your entire home, you won't be saving money in heating costs.


Consider The Age Of Your Space Heater

New space heaters are equipped with many modern safety features that can help prevent fires. For example, many automatically turn off if they are tipped over, and many have automatic shut offs when they reach a certain temperature. If you have an older space heater without these amenities, it may be time to upgrade for safety reasons.


Consider Efficiency


If you are looking to heat up your entire space quickly, a central heating system, such as a furnace, is the way to go. You turn it on, and the air is distributed throughout your entire home or space. Space heaters are not as efficient and are really only good for smaller areas.


Consider Convenience

Central heating systems, such as furnaces, are easy to operate, especially if you have a programmable or smart thermostat. You simply set your preferred settings and forget about it. With a space heater, it's best that you be in the room the entire time it is on for safety reasons and turn it off when you leave.



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