Should You DIY Furnace Repair?

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When machines break in your home, the inclination is to DIY the repair. Oftentimes, this can work, and with the help of the internet, many people can do their own home repairs. But, should you DIY a furnace repair? Climate Mechanics offers a plethora of HVAC services in Cherry Hill, including furnace repair. Below, we'll go over whether you should DIY furnace repair. Contact us today!

Are You An Expert In Electrical Work?


A furnace runs either on electricity or gas. Either way, it contains a lot of electrical mechanic parts that do require prior and expert knowledge of in order to repair, as well as the proper tools. Remember, anytime you are dealing with electricity, there is always risk of electrocution.


Are You Knowledgeable In Working With Gas?

Most furnaces use gas as their primary source of energy. Anytime gas is leaking, a fire can occur. If the problem with your furnace is a faulty gas line, this is best left to an HVAC specialist who can repair the gas leak safely.


Would Your Warranty Be Voided?


Many furnace manufacturers require only licensed HVAC professionals to repair your furnace. This is because if a warranty claim is made, they want 100% peace of mind that it wasn't caused by an inexperienced homeowner. Be sure to check if a DIY job would void your warranty before you DIY your furnace.


Can You Competently Repair Your Furnace Without Further Damage?

Here, it's best to be honest with yourself. The last thing you want is to DIY your furnace repair and cause more damage to the furnace than what was already there, costing you more money



Climate Mechanics is proud to offer the best residential and commercial furnace and heating repairs. We work with many heating systems, including furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, and commercial heaters. If you are experiencing a furnace problem, we advise you to call the professionals over DIY. We offer free estimates, so call today!