Is It Bad to Leave My Windows Open When The AC is On?

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If you turn on your HVAC unit or other air conditioning system to cool down your home, you may be tempted to open your windows to help the air circulation. However, this can have adverse effects on the overall temperature and comfort of your Southern New Jersey home. Climate Mechanics LLC provides the air conditioning service and air conditioning maintenance you need to protect your wallet from unexpected expenses. Take this advice from our family-owned company on leaving your windows open when your AC is running and get in touch today for savings and other deals!

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It’s Bad for General Air Conditioning Maintenance

In short, opening your home’s windows while your HVAC system is not a good idea. The idea behind your HVAC system’s air conditioning service is to cool down (or heat) different rooms in your home while also promoting proper air circulation. However, when the windows are open, it can cause this air to exit the home and thus impact the overall temperature you and your family members experience. Climate Mechanics LLC, as one of New Jersey’s premier AC companies, recommends keeping your windows closed for optimal results. 

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It Can Ruin Your In-House Air Quality

In addition to impacting the overall temperature of your home, leaving your windows open while the air conditioning is running can ruin your air quality. The air filters of your HVAC unit, replaced every so often with regular air conditioning maintenance, ensure the air you breathe in is clean and free of allergens. However, opening the windows allows dirty air from outside to flow into your home and thus worsens the overall air quality. At Climate Mechanics LLC, we recommend trusting your air conditioning service to keep you cool and contacting us if you have any concerns!

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It Increases The Need For Air Conditioning Service

An often-overlooked aspect of leaving your windows open while your HVAC unit is running is how it impacts a home’s need for air conditioning maintenance. Because the open windows can cause an HVAC system to work harder, it can possibly cause excess wear and tear. Very quickly it will be necessary for AC companies like Climate Mechanics LLC to take a look at the HVAC system and perform necessary repairs or recommend replacements. 

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Trust Climate Mechanics LLC For HVAC Tips

For any questions or concerns about air conditioning maintenance, trust Climate Mechanics LLC! Our team of expert technicians brings over 25 years of experience to every single HVAC system, providing any installations or repairs that may be required. Contact our NATE-certified team today and learn more about all our air conditioning services!

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