How to Stop Condensation on Your AC Ducts

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Condensation is caused when water vapor in the air cools down past its dew point. With regards to air conditioning ducts, condensation occurs when warmer air comes into contact with your cooler AC ductwork. Climate Mechanics offers exceptional air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance. Below, we'll take a look at some ways you can stop condensation on your AC ducts. Call for a free estimate today!

Insulate Your Ductwork


One of the best and easiest ways to prevent condensation on your ductwork is to install insulation around it. This will ensure the air duct stays cool, and it blocks out the warm air from reaching your ductwork.


Clean Your Air Filters Regularly

Dirty air filters can contribute to and cause condensation on your ductwork because it restricts airflow. This causes the air inside the ductwork to get exceptionally cool in some areas, causing the surrounding warm air to condensate.


Repair Damaged Ductwork ASAP


Damaged ductwork can cause condensation for the same reasons that dirty air filters do. Anytime warm air comes into contact with cooler air, condensation can occur. If you see damage to your ductwork, give Climate Mechanics a call today!


Reduce Excess Humidity Or Moisture In The Air

If you have excess moisture already in the air, when you cool your home, this moisture can condense onto your air ducts. Work to reduce your home's humidity levels by installing a dehumidifier in your home or ensuring your ducts are spaced apart so that adequate airflow can occur.



Climate Mechanics is a top-rated HVAC contractor in the Cherry Hill area. We offer air duct cleaning, as well as whole-house dehumidifiers. We offer free consultations so we can help advise you on the perfect solution for your AC duct condensation. Call and schedule today!