How a Dirty Filter Affects Forced-Air Heaters

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filterWe rely on our forced-air heaters to provide us with warmth all winter long. So, when a problem occurs, it is difficult to ignore, especially in the midst of this chilly season. To avoid problems altogether, be proactive and schedule a maintenance visit if you haven’t done so already. Remember, it is never too late! We have a long winter ahead of us here in New Jersey, so it is better to be prepared.

One of the best things you can do for your forced-air system is think about your air filters. Many homeowners tend to minimize the importance of changing their air filters, so it may only get changed annually. However, it is recommended that these filters are changed every 1-3 months. Failure to do so will negatively affect the overall function of your system. Climate Mechanics LLC offers heating services in Deptford, NJ!

What Does an Air Filter Do?

There is a lot of dirt, dust, and debris that circulates throughout the home and ultimately ends up in the system’s ductwork. If all this debris were to enter the HVAC system itself, it would cause some significant issues. The sole responsibility of the air filter is to prevent that from happening. When air blows through the filter, the dirt is trapped on it.

Air filters are unable to rid themselves of the particles they collect, so they must be changed. If they become too clogged, airflow into the furnace is restricted, which causes problems.

What Happens When Filters Aren’t Changed?

Decreased Efficiency

When your filters are clogged, your system struggles to circulate air throughout your home. This causes a significant decrease in efficiency. A dirty filter creates more airflow resistance than is normal.

In addition, a dirty filter can cause your system to short-cycle. This describes when your system keeps turning itself on and off repeatedly throughout the day. When airflow is restricted, heat becomes trapped in the system. This causes the internal temperature of the furnace to rise, which activates the limit switch. When your system turns back on, it uses a lot of energy. When it is consistently doing so, efficiency decreases, and your heating bills become costly.

Increased Repairs

When your system has to work harder than it normally does, there is an added risk of wear and tear. This leads to operational problems and potentially to a system breakdown. Remember, repair bills cost more than maintenance bills. Having your air filter changed is easy. Dealing with a system breakdown is not.

Decreased Indoor Air Quality

Although the primary purpose of the air filter is to protect the HVAC system, it does have some positive impacts on your health. When the filter is too clogged, air might get forced around it. This allows unfiltered air into your home—the air that you breathe!

Regular air filter replacement will let you skip these issues altogether! Climate Mechanics LLC offers forced-air maintenance and repair services. We work with all makes and models, so you can trust us to handle anything!

Schedule a visit from Climate Mechanics LLC to get your air filter replaced!

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