Home Winter Insulation Tips

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The idea of insulating homes has been around for millenia. The ancient Egyptians used thick mud blocks, and the ancient Greeks invented asbestos. Insulation helps to keep us warm and save on heating bills. Climate Mechanics offers residential and commercial heating and cooling services throughout the Cherry Hill area. Below, we'll go over some great home winter insulation tips. Call to schedule a free estimate today!

Invest In Window Coverings And Curtains


A lot of heat can escape through uncovered windows. You can preserve a lot of your interior heat by simply investing in tightly-sealed blinds and heavy curtains, which is a great insulation method and adds a cool aesthetic, too.


Invest In Caulking

One great way to help insulate your home during the winter is to seal up cracks and gaps throughout your entire home. Investing in caulking around your windows and door frames will ensure no heat is escaping.


Change The Direction Of Your Ceiling Fan


When you reverse the direction of your ceiling fan, the ceiling fan pushes down all of the warm air that tends to rise to the rest of your room, helping to keep you warm.


Install A Programmable Or Smart Thermostat

A programmable or smart thermostat is one of the best heating upgrades you can make to your home. Rather than guessing at what the temperature is inside your home, you'll know exactly. Smart thermostats have sensors that read the temperature in rooms in your home, providing optimal climate control.



Climate Mechanics offers the best home heating services for your Cherry Hill home. We can help with all different types of heating systems, including boilers, furnaces, and heat pumps. Plus, we can install radiant heating in the flooring. Call for a free heating estimate today