How You Can Fend Off Allergy Symptoms in Your Home

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There is nothing that we can really do about the allergens that you will encounter outside of your home. Did you know, however, that the air quality within your living space may well be worse than that outside? It’s true, surprising as it sounds. Today’s homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, which is great for your bottom line. However, it also cuts out a lot of the natural ventilation that older homes used to have. That can lead to IAQ issues.


The good news is that the indoor air quality specialists on our team are here to help. The spring season, for all of its joys and relief after another cold, harsh winter, can really wreak havoc on your indoor air quality in Cherry Hill, NJ. With the right indoor air quality systems and services, installed and completed by the right IAQ technicians, you can boost your indoor air quality in order to manage your allergy symptoms.

First Steps: Controlling Airborne Pollutants

Airborne pollutants may include dust, pollen, pet fur, and other allergens. With the spring season comes more hustle and bustle in your home, as well as into and out of it. You can track pollutants in from outdoors, the breeze you enjoy through open windows can contribute to pollutants going airborne, and blooming flowers and trees here in the garden state can start to spread their own allergens all over. How do you manage this in your home?

Not with the standard air filter in your HVAC system, that’s for sure. These filters are quite inefficient, designed to protect the HVAC equipment itself—not the air quality throughout your home. For that, you may want to use a more efficient, designated air filtration system, or even an electronic air cleaner. Whatever your situation, we’ll help you to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Up Next: Humidity Controls

Dry air is something that we typically associate with the winter season, while summers are more humid. That pattern will not necessarily follow within your home, however. A number of factors, from airtightness to how much you run your AC (which will draw some humidity out of the air as it cools your home) will influence humidity levels within your living space.

Dry air can lead to dried out mucous membranes, leaving you more susceptible to colds and allergy symptoms. Humid air can create an environment perfect for breeding biological pollutants. These can be destroyed with systems such as UV germicidal lights, but you’ll also want to nip the problem in the bud. Skip the inconvenient and largely ineffective store-bought portable models—opt for a whole-house humidifier and/or dehumidifier.

Finally: Balance Air Quality with Efficiency

One of the biggest issues with maintaining great indoor air quality is not so much achieving that goal, but doing so efficiently. You don’t want to waste money you’ve spent to cool your home, for instance, as you try to ventilate it to maintain high indoor air quality.

Using an ERV or HRV is the solution to this problem. These systems balance temperatures between incoming and outgoing air streams, while energy recovery ventilators add humidity balancing to the mix. If you think that you could use a heat or energy recovery ventilator in your home, just give us a call.

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