Does Price Matter When Choosing Air Filters?

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All filters have value, but some products are more valuable than others. If you need help navigating the landscape, here’s everything that you’ll need to know about the latest filters on the market.

Pleated Filters and Fiberglass Filters 

Pleated filters and fiberglass filters are very economical. If you’re on a strict budget, start your journey with fiberglass filters. These fibers are not hard to find, and they’re efficient, durable, and reasonably priced. However, they do not have a long shelf life, so if you purchase these filters, you will have to replace them often. Filters with pleated surfaces will cost a bit more because they can capture more particles. 

Washable Filters and Disposable Filters 

These filters fall in the middle of the pack. However, in a head-to-head battle, only one product takes the crown. The winner is the disposable variety.

To understand what makes a disposable filter better than a washable filter, you must understand the purpose of each product. A washable filter can only capture large particles. It cannot trap small particles. This is not the case for a disposable filter. It can trap bacteria, smoke, and pet dander. Although you can reuse a washable filter over and over again, a disposable filter is a much better value because it has better performance capabilities.

HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are the best of the best. They’re most commonly used in industrial environments, but residential options also exist. They can capture up to 97 percent of allergens, smoke, and dust.

MERV Strategies

Every air filter has a MERV rating. If you don’t know which filter is best for your household, use this guide as a roadmap.

MERV Rating One to Six

A filter that falls in this category is fit for commercial settings. It will have no problems trapping small particles like pollen and dust.

MERV Rating Eight to 13

Filters that have this rating are fit for commercial and residential use. They can trap dust mites, mold, and carpet fibers.

MERV Rating 14 to 20

These filters can trap microscopic particles like bacteria and virus. Some filters in this category can even filter radioactive and carcinogenic materials.


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