Can I Cool My Home More Efficiently?

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The short answer to the question posed in the title of this post is yes, you can.  The longer answer, and the one that we’re sure will excite a number of our clients and readers, is that you can actually do so without spending a whole lot of money. If you have an old AC or one that is seriously inefficient, then upgrading your system to a more efficient model makes a lot of sense.


If you’re just not satisfied with your existing setup, though, we’ve got some tips to help you affordably boost its efficiency. As the past couple of months have confirmed, we really do need to run our ACs regularly if we hope to make it through the cooling season comfortably. When you make us your Mt. Laurel,  NJ HVAC company of choice, you’ll be able to do so without draining your budget. Just keep these tips in mind!

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Wait a second, you may be thinking, I thought I didn’t have to upgrade my system in order to help it operate more efficiently!

What we actually said is that you don’t have to upgrade the entire system. Spending a relatively small amount of money on an upgrade like a new thermostat, however, is a great way in which to reap real savings over the year. You do need to be certain that your AC is compatible with the new thermostat, though.

If you are still using an old thermostat with slide or dial controls, you are likely not setting temperatures as accurately as you think you are. A basic digital thermostat is a step in the right direction, but we urge you to consider upgrading to a programmable model that will regulate your system based around your own personal schedule. A smart thermostat may be the right choice if you are interested in using modern technology to truly optimize savings and convenient control of your system.

Seal Your Air Ducts

Wait another second, you may be thinking again, that’s not a system upgrade. It’s not like installing a new component.

Well, no—but our Aeroseal duct sealing services can definitely benefit your AC system if your ducts are leaking. Leaky ductwork is very common and is a major source of inefficiency.

Aeroseal allows us to seal ducts from the inside out. It is a convenient and effective method of sealing ducts when handled correctly by trained professionals. Give us a call to learn more about how this method works to boost efficiency, protect indoor air quality, and improve your overall comfort!

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Okay, hold on—are you just trying to sell me on a service that I don’t really need? There’s not really anything wrong with my system, it just costs more to run than I’d like!

Well, there is no better way in which to ensure that you’re getting the most efficient performance possible from your AC than scheduling regular, professional maintenance. We even offer a great maintenance program designed to make it more affordable and convenient than ever!

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