Are My Air Ducts Leaking?

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ductsDo you use a forced heating and/or air conditioning system, such as a heat pump, central air conditioner, or furnace?  If so, are you certain you are getting the best performance possible from your equipment? Did you know that issues affecting the performance of such systems are wide-ranging, and may extend beyond the HVAC units themselves? Today, we are going to be talking about one of the most pervasive of all problems that may afflict forced air heating and air conditioning systems: leaky ductwork.

While you may notice pretty quickly if your furnace is blowing cold air or your heat pump is making a weird grinding sound, chances are that you may not notice problems with your ductwork as quickly. After all, these air ducts are largely hidden from view in your home. You cannot just give them a quick visual inspection. Even so, there are certain signs that you can be on the lookout for which can alert you to the need for professional duct sealing in Cherry Hill, NJ.

What to Look For (Oh, and Listen For. And Feel for, Too!)

Want to know one of the most clear-cut signs that your ductwork may be leaking? Look no further than your energy or utility bills associated with your heating and cooling systems. Now, as is the case with most HVAC symptoms, there could be a number of different issues resulting in higher than usual energy costs. That being said, leaky ductwork is one of the most common causes of energy inefficiency in homes.

When your air ducts leak, they can take in heat from unconditioned areas of the house that they pass through in the summer, and can leak heated air into those spaces in the winter. Your system is going to have to make up for that loss, causing it to work harder than it should in order to keep your home comfortable. That translates to higher energy costs.

Uneven heating and cooling throughout your home is another potential sign of damaged ductwork in need of sealing. If your system has always struggled to heat or cool your home evenly and effectively, then it may simply have been installed without the ductwork having been well-designed for your home. If it is a new development, though, the ducts servicing the affected areas may need sealing.

Also, have you noticed that allergy symptoms in your home are starting to grow more and more aggravated? Are you seeing more dust than usual building up on your surfaces? This could be due to pollutants entering leaky ductwork and then being distributed throughout the house and sent airborne. In this way, leaky ducts can negatively affect your health as much as your comfort and your budget!

We Seal Ducts Using Aeroseal!

Aeroseal is a leading product in duct sealing technology. Rather than apply a resin-based adhesive to your ducts and allowing it to dry in order to seal leaks, we connect the Aeroseal system up to the ductwork and send flexible polymer particles right into the ducts. These stick to damaged and leaking areas, with more and more particles building up until the leak is effectively sealed from the inside out.

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