Residential HVAC Maintenance Myths, Busted

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The dream and goal of every homeowner is to
have a well-functioning HVAC system while saving money on utility bills.
However, many HVAC maintenance myths harm your system and cost you more on
repairs. A lot of misleading info exists between routine maintenance and
changing the filters.

Although some tips might work, many cost more for repairs or system
replacement. Separating fact from fiction can be challenging, particularly for
those not knowledgeable. However, this shouldn’t worry you anymore. In this
article, we’ll bust out these myths and give you facts.

Using an AC Is Always Expensive

Although you can’t run your HVAC system for free, it doesn’t mean
it’s not affordable. Installing a new, high SEER-rated AC system saves you much
compared to old systems. Using modern ductless heating and cooling technology
will go a long way. These systems reduce energy loss via leaky ductwork and
offer higher SEER, saving you a substantial amount. If you are not ready to
upgrade, a smart thermostat can also help you control costs.

Bigger Is Better

The truth is, sometimes, bigger can be worse. The power or size of
an AC system is carefully measured for proper functioning. A robust system
might be okay sometimes but might also end up short-cycling. This can have
long-term effects on the system. You might also end up paying for upfront
power, which is unnecessary. Rounding up to the nearest tonnage is now possible
thanks to variable-speed air conditioners or heaters.

Closing Vents in Unused Rooms Saves Energy

Although this myth has been going around as a helpful tip, it is a
myth. The idea looks good, but it seriously affects your system’s
effectiveness. Closing vents change air circulation and pressure through your
home’s HVAC system. They also increase air pressure in the ducts, causing more
leakage through their seams. Hence, more energy is wasted since conditioned air
leaks into the crawlspace or attic.

Simultaneously, your HVAC blower works harder to move air against
increased duct pressure. Apart from energy waste, this can also reduce your
system’s lifespan.

For professional HVAC maintenance services, contact Climate
Mechanics LLC. Our team of experts will be punctual and ready to deliver
exceptional services.

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