Preparing Your Commercial Property For Winter

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Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, poor indoor air quality can affect the health, comfort, and productivity of those who live and work in those buildings. Afterall, we spend a lot of time indoors, and we don’t want to be constantly breathing air that’s potentially harmful to ourselves.

At Climate Mechanics, we are a big believer in investing into indoor air quality. Afterall, your indoor comfort is more than just climate control. In this post, we’re going to discuss the types of contaminants you can find in the air, and the reasons you should be concerned about the quality of air in your home or business. We’ll also provide some remedies to help you achieve better indoor air quality.

Provide The Necessary Indoor Climate Comfort


First and foremost, you want to ensure that the people who are renting your property are comfortable with the indoor air temperature. After all, that’s what commercial HVAC systems and other indoor climate control systems are for. It’s important to keep in mind what your tenants will be using your space for.

If it’s a retail space, keeping customers happy and comfortable plays a big role. When people enter shops, they’re looking for a brief reprieve from the freezing weather outside. However, if you own a warehouse, your tenant might not mind a lower temperature if people aren’t going to actively be using the building.

In order to make sure your heating system is ready for providing adequate heat all winter long, ensure you schedule routine maintenance with a trusted local commercial HVAC contractor. They’ll make sure that all air filters are changed and that every part of your system is running smoothly. There’s nothing more unpleasant than a frustrated call from your tenant that they’re losing productivity and revenue because the building is too cold. Be proactive and nip the problems in the bud before they become bigger ones.


Ensure Proper Insulation For Greater Energy Efficiency

As a commercial property manager, you know that efficiency is absolutely key to profitability. In order to cut heating costs and provide greater value for your tenant, one of the best things you can do is to ensure your building is properly insulated. It’s estimated that a well-insulated building saves as much as 40% on their energy costs as compared to a poorly insulated property. If you haven’t had your insulation inspected in a decade or more, it may be worth the investment.

Additionally, installing dedicated programmable thermostats in each climate zone can do wonders for keeping energy costs down. Rooms that see high traffic can have their heating turned up higher, while other rooms such as storage or conference rooms can be kept cooler until they’re actually in use.

Being Prepared For Emergencies


Power outages and equipment breakdowns are an unfortunate reality of life, but the good news is that you can be prepared for such events. Making sure you have backup generators to run your HVAC system is crucial. You may even want to install a backup heating system in case one fails. That way you have all your bases covered. Your tenants will thank you for it.

Even if your building won’t be occupied by people, you’ll still want to ensure that you have proper backups for climate control. For example, leaving a heater off or failing to fix it for extended periods of time can lead to pipes bursting and potentially massive amounts of water damage once the unfreeze. Not to mention the fixing the pipes themselves.

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