How To Tell if Your Heater is Energy-Efficient

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Are you dreading the winter months because you’re worried about higher energy costs once you kick on your heater? Many homeowners throughout Cherry Hill are looking for more ways to cut down their energy costs, but how do you tell if your heater is energy-efficient? In today’s blog from Climate Mechanics, we’ll help you understand more about your furnace so that you can determine its efficiency. No matter what heating or furnace services you need, our team at Climate Mechanics is here to help. Contact us today!


Know Its Age

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One of the biggest factors to consider when trying to determine the energy-efficient of your furnace is its age. As your heater ages, its efficiency does as well. In fact, the energy-efficiency of your heater can decline as much as 5% per year. Most heaters last anywhere from 15to 20 years, so the older yours is, the less efficient it will be and the more you’ll be spending on energy bills this winter.


Determine The AFUE Rating

The best way to find out the efficiency of your heater is by determining its Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. This rating measures how efficient your heater is at converting fuel into energy. The most energy-efficient heaters will have ratings of 90% or higher. It’s easy to check the AFUE rating on your heater — it will be located in the user manual or the furnace cabinet.

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Pay Attention To Changes In Energy Bills

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Finally, you can check the efficiency of your heater by comparing your current energy bill to the bill you had around the same time last year. If you notice that your bill is higher than it was last year and there weren’t any significant weather changes, the efficiency of your heater has more than likely decreased. If you notice they are about the same, your heater is running with the same efficiency and you can expect similar bills throughout the colder months!

At Climate Mechanics, we’ve been helping Cherry Hill homeowners cut down on energy costs for more than 26 years. We offer Top Rated Local® heating and furnace services that can help maximize the efficiency of your heating system and keep your home warm all winter long. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the HVAC services we offer or to schedule your service!