4 Signs of Poor Air Quality in Your Home

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Climate control works hand in hand with indoor air quality to improve the comfort of your home. Indoor air quality is so rampant that 9 out of 10 homes have at least one issue related to air quality.

Climate Mechanics in New Jersey shares four signs indicating poor air quality inside your home.

Uneven Temperatures Inside Your Home


When air doesn't flow properly inside your home, you may notice a difference in temperature in some areas. HVAC systems should help you maintain even indoor temperatures unless the size of the system doesn’t match your home. The presence of cold spots and hot spots may also indicate issues like dirty air filters or blocked registers on your HVAC systems.


Lingering And Unpleasant Scents

A musty odor circulating throughout your home when you turn on the heating or cooling system could be a red flag. Dust, pollen, chemical contaminants, and mold from dirty air ducts could cause an unpleasant odor. Keeping your air ducts clean can prevent contaminants from building up.

When scents linger in the air longer than usual, your indoor space may have poor ventilation leading to lower air quality.


Impaired Sleep Quality


You are 60 percent more likely to have poor sleep due to indoor air pollution. Irritated airways could be one of the reasons you keep on tossing and turning in bed. When you’re having trouble sleeping due to your throat or the humidity, your forced air systems could be the potential problem.


Skin Irritation And Problems

Rashes, acne, hives, skin dryness, pigmentation, and wrinkles may indicate problems with indoor air quality. The quality of air inside your home can also make skin problems worse.

It takes time to notice skin problems since you wouldn’t feel the effects until pollutants have built up enough to trigger inflammation. You are more likely to notice skin issues in winter since you would have to spend more time indoors.


Your HVAC system should do two things — provide climate control and keep unfiltered air out. When it comes to the air you breathe, don’t settle for less. Get your air systems checked by professionals to help you diagnose problems. 

Get in touch with our NATE-certified technicians at Climate Mechanics LLC. We understand the importance of clean indoor air. We provide indoor air quality services in New Jersey to make indoor spaces safer and more comfortable for everyone.

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