AC-with-moneyInvesting in a new heating and/or air conditioning system can be a bit overwhelming. There are the old standards, of course, such as the central air conditioner and the furnace. There are a lot of different systems that are not quite as ubiquitous, however, even though they certainly have a lot to offer. One example is the heat pump which, to be fair, has grown popular in residences throughout the country recently. Why is that, you wonder?

Well, the heat pump offers one of the most innovative and versatile performances of any HVAC system, and using a heat pump in Cherry Hill, NJ can actually help you to live comfortably more efficiently. Provided, of course, that you schedule your heat pump services with trained, experienced professionals. The last thing that you want is to risk a subpar performance from your new system due to an inferior installation or tune-up. But you won’t have to worry about that when you work with us.

One System, Many Benefits

The heat pump isn’t just an air conditioner. It isn’t just a heater. So what is it? Both, and an incredibly efficient option to boot! How is all of this even possible? Thanks to its unique use of the heat transfer principle.

Air conditioners are not somehow generating cool air when they run. What you are feeling is a lack of heat, which is the result of the refrigerant cycle. A central air conditioner evaporates refrigerant in the indoor coil. That refrigerant then travels out to the outdoor condenser unit, having absorbed heat from the air inside during its evaporation. As the refrigerant is condensed, it releases its heat outdoors.

That cycle continues until the desired temperature is met in your home. A heat pump does the same thing—in the summer. In the winter, however, it reverses its refrigerant cycle and the function of its coils. Now the system evaporates refrigerant outdoors—see where this is going?

As it evaporates, heat is absorbed from the air outside. And yes, there is heat in the air outside even when it’s cold out. The refrigerant is then compressed, which allows the system to boost its thermal energy. The refrigerant then heads indoors, where it is condensed and releases its heat—heat that is then used to heat your home, without needing to be generated anew!

Have Questions? We Have Answers

There is no single heater that everyone homeowner will find ideal. There are some concerns about heat pumps losing their efficiency in extremely cold temperatures. Newer models, however, work better at lower temperatures than ever before. They will still heat when temperatures drop below ideal levels, but may cost a bit more to run as they make up the difference.

If you do decide that a heat pump is the right option for your home, then definitely work with our team to guarantee that yours functions at peak performance and efficiency levels. From the design of your ductwork system to the sizing of your heat pump and everything else that an installation entails, we do it right every step of the way.

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