Climate Mechanics prides itself on installing the perfect AC unit for your home. From first to last, we’ll ensure you get the best unit, fair pricing, and one of the best HVAC maintenance plans on the market. Contact us today to schedule your estimate and learn about our $300 installation date guarantee!

How Much Will Central Air Installation Cost You In New Jersey?

Low: $2,100

Average: $6,800

High: $12,000+

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Our team of NATE-certified HVAC technicians work with the top brands to ensure your new central AC unit serves your cooling needs for years to come. Contact us today to schedule your in-home estimate!

Factors That Affect Central AC Installation Costs

  • The Size Of Your System. Getting a proper-sized air conditioner is essential for longevity. While it may seem like an attractive option to purchase a smaller unit at a lower price point, overworking your system is sure to cost you more in the long run. At Climate Mechanics, our technicians have the experience and knowledge to find the perfect sized unit for your home.
  • The Health Of Your Ductwork. Before installing your new AC, there may be issues in your ductwork that’ll cause your system to run with less efficiency. If there are problems with your duct, our Aeroseal method should take care of any leaks.
  • The Efficiency Rating Of The AC System. Central air conditioners’ efficiency is rated with the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) system. The higher the rating, the more expensive the system. However, over the long term, you will see definite savings on your energy bill that should more than make up for the additional cost of the system.
  • Quality Of The Installation. Simply put, you get the work that you pay for. At Climate Mechanics, we offer maximum value when it comes to the price of installation. You’ll even save 10% if you sign up for our AC maintenance agreement! And when you work with us, you have the expertise that comes with over 25 years in the HVAC business.

What Sets Climate Mechanics Apart?

  • We Are Available Around The Clock. When you make Climate Mechanics as your HVAC contractor of choice, you’ll have access to our HVAC repair team any time of the day or night. Even better, Ultimate Savings Club members get priority 24/7 service!
  • Timely Service. If you need a new HVAC system in the middle of a sweltering New Jersey summer, you can’t get the work done quick enough! At Climate Mechanics, we stand behind our timelines with a $300 installation date guarantee. 
  • No Lemons Guarantee. At Climate Mechanics, we understand the frustration of a new AC system that isn’t performing as it should. Our no lemons guarantee gives you the peace of mind that should come with installation of a top-performing AC unit.
  • Full Range Of HVAC Services. Whether it’s heating, cooling, or indoor air quality, our technicians have received the industry’s most-trusted certification (NATE) to ensure you get top-quality results each and every time.