4 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Install & Maintain Your Commercial HVAC System

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There are tons of business projects you can save money on with a DIY approach. Installing an HVAC system yourself is not one of them. Installing an HVAC system yourself can cause complications and cost you more money than you might save hiring a professional. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should always hire a professional HVAC contractor instead of working with a handyman or doing it yourself.




First and foremost, the biggest factor you should consider when debating whether or not to hire a professional HVAC contractor is experience. While you may be able to train up and gain some general knowledge via online videos and how-to blogs, HVAC technicians are specifically trained in-depth on the installation and maintenance of commercial HVAC equipment. Even if you or a local handyman can do it, a professional will be able to complete the job much more quickly than you and without getting hung up on the same obstacles a first-time DIYer would.

HVAC technician holding HVAC lines with compressor on commercial rooftop

Work Warranties

There is a huge drawback to DIY work that a lot of people don’t realize a lot of the time. That drawback is that any work you complete is entirely your responsibility. That’s as true for commercial HVAC installations as it is for any other business project you might undertake yourself. Professionals, however, often back their work with guarantees and warranties that cover you in case of mechanical failure due to the work completed.

Access To The Right Tools

Variety of HVAC tools and equipment spread out

You might think that installing an HVAC tower or ductwork might only require a couple of hand tools, a drill, and a handful of willpower. Well, you’d be wrong. Installing HVAC equipment requires very specific, specialized tools that may not be readily available at your local hardware store. Factoring in the time and money it will take you to track down and purchase these tools immediately makes hiring an HVAC contractor, who will already own all the necessary tools, a much more lucrative option.

Commercial HVAC unit reflecting sunset sunlight

Save Money In The Long Run

Although we’ve been swimming around this point in the other reasons you shouldn’t DIY your HVAC install, we haven’t directly said it yet. Having a professional HVAC technician install and maintain your HVAC system will inevitably save you money in the long run. Even if you save a few bucks up front, you run the risk of not installing equipment in the most efficient manner. You also will be directly responsible for both major and minor repairs. Not to mention the high upfront cost of buying all the tools and materials needed for an HVAC installation. Overall, getting your commercial HVAC system professionally installed will almost always be the smarter option financially.


While you may be able to install your HVAC system by yourself, it definitely doesn’t mean you should. Hiring a professional HVAC technician for your installation and ongoing maintenance is key to avoiding the headache and ongoing above-average financial commitment associated with installing a commercial HVAC system yourself. To learn more about why you should have a pro install your system, or to schedule a consultation, give the team at Climate Mechanics a call today!