Saving Energy on Your Heating and Cooling

We offer a number of ways to reduce your energy bill. Some can be done for a small investment, others a larger investment, all with a corresponding return on investment.

Programmable Controls

trane-xl950-tstat-150 Programmable thermostats can reduce the energy used for air conditioning or heating by 5% to 30%. (Note: Not all programmable thermostats shown below work with every system combination we offer. We will be able to match the programmable thermostat features you want with the system that is right for you.)


zoningZoning is a way of dividing a home into areas with similar heating and cooling needs and independently controlling the temperature in each area according to their needs and occupancy. Much like multiple light switches that independently control lighting in different rooms, with zoning, multiple zone thermostats or sensors control temperature in different areas of the home.

Variable Speed Equipment High Efficiency Equipment

variable-high-speed-equipment Systems with Trane’s Comfort-R™ variable speed lower motors have significant advantages over single speed systems:

  • Reduced room temperature flucation
  • quieter operation
  • improved indoor air quality
  • lower energy bills

High Efficiency Equipment

highe_equipment Many factors can influence the potential savings on your energy consumption, including efficiency rating, lifestyle and having the right-sized system for your home.



 The average homeowner spends about $1,900 annually on energy bills. Heating and cooling accounts for as much as half of a home’s energy use. To find out how much you can save in heating and cooling costs,  click the button below and a Climate Mechanic technician will advise you in deciding the most effective way to reduce your energy bills.