Duct Sealing

Before and After Aeroseal Duct Sealing

All HVAC systems seem to lose efficiency no matter how often they receive maintenance, due to problems located within leaky ductwork. Improper installation and years of wear cause ducts to gradually lose their seal as tiny cracks and holes are formed. Technicians do all that they can to locate and patch spots that allow good air to escape, but it’s almost impossible to create a sufficient seal with this method.

In a perfect world, there would be no need to worry over ducts because they would be strong enough to hold up on their own. Working on tiny leaks from the outside only achieves a temporary and inefficient seal that typically requires multiple treatments until they are finally sealed. The good new is, there is a way to restore faulty ductwork to a lasting, like-new condition through our Aeroseal technology.

What is Aeroseal?

This new method of leak sealing is a process that delivers flexible polymer particles directly to the edges of every single crack and hole. Pressure continues to bind the particles to one another until they are completely closed with an airtight seal. Not only is it effective in fixing problems with ventilation and air flow, the results are verifiable. Click on the following link to View the Aeroseal Brochure

How is Aeroseal Duct Sealing Done?

Aeroseal Commercial ApplicationsA simple, safe 6-step application process is completed in less time than you think. Technicians begin by completely covering all wall registers so that no air is escaping unless through the leaks. Special sealant material is circulated throughout the system for an average of 1 hour to ensure proper delivery everywhere that it’s needed. Continuous air movement keeps the aerosol particles suspended to adhere to the edges of each leak, and then additional material sticks together as they collide. An average of 1-2 ounces of material is left remaining in the system once the repair process is finished. A summary analysis is generated by a computer to give the homeowner verification that the process was successful in closing leaks. Please visit out YouTube page to watch more demonstrations of the Aeroseal process.

What Are the Advantages of Aeroseal?

What Are the Advantages of Aeroseal?The most obvious benefit that homeowners appreciate is the immediate energy savings that is experienced when leaky air ducts are repaired. Improved IAQ and temperature control makes residents more comfortable living in the improved conditions as well. Our technicians are able to guarantee at least 15 years of worry-free performance without air duct leakage.

If you’re ready to experience the advantages of the latest duct sealing technology, schedule your appointment with Climate Mechanics today. We guarantee that you will save money on energy bills and experience optimal indoor comfort.