Duct Sealing, Indoor Air Quality & Heater Repair in Moorestown, NJ

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A neglected HVAC system can cause undesirable temperatures inside the home, as well as a noticeable spike in electric bills. The technicians at Climate Mechanics are knowledgeable in all areas of HVAC, including air conditioning repair. Our heating services will keep your Moorestown, N.J. family warm in the winter and our air conditioning services will provide a break from the sweltering summer temperatures. Aeroseal duct sealing and indoor air quality services ensure that resources are not wasted through unseen leaks or and that your indoor air quality is noticeably improved. Do not forget to schedule preventative maintenance throughout the year to have a thorough inspection inside and out. It’s the best solution to prevent heater repair or air conditioning replacement!

Heating Services

New installations, system upgrades, preventative maintenance and repairs to an existing appliance are a part of the services offered by Climate Mechanics. If there is a breakdown in the middle of the season, we are available with 24-hour service every day of the week.  We will arrive in a timely manner to let you know whether you will need heater repair or a heater replacement.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Our ventilators are installed to let the old air out while cycling in new air to cut down on strong odors, pollutants, humidity, and smoke as easily as flipping a switch. Allergy sufferers do not have to be concerned with letting contaminants in either because the ventilator filters particles as air passes through the machine. Start breathing easy today!

Air Conditioning Services

Upgrades, repairs, and brand new installations of central air and ductless units are best done under the care of an educated professional. Each year newer model air conditioning units with a higher rate of energy efficiency are sure to be available. This results in major savings on the electric bill each month throughout its lifetime as long as it is adequately maintained.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing Services

Pinpointing leaks causing a heater or air conditioner to run too frequently can be incredibly difficult for anyone without the right technology and training. Within a few hours of scheduling an appointment our unique duct sealing creates a lasting seal which improves indoor air quality and temperature control.

Preventative Maintenance

The worst case scenario in indoor climate control is to have a breakdown in the middle of the hot or cold season and have to wait around for service. A full tune-up is recommended at least once a year to each component of the HVAC system before the season of frequent use starts to identify any issues and guarantee peak performance. Avoid the cost of a furnace repair or air conditioning replacement with high-quality routine preventative maintenance!

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Climate Mechanics is proud to serve the Moorestown community! We are proud to be part of this community, serving your heating and air conditioning needs. Whether you need furnace repair, replacement or a new installation of a furnace, air conditioner, heat pump or air filtration system, we get the job right the first time. Our certified technicians service all make and models.

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About Moorestown, NJ – Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

Moorestown Township is located in Burlington County, New Jersey, and according to the 2010 census the population was 20,726. It was incorporated in March 1922 from parts of Chester Township. This township banned liquor sales in 1915 and the ban was not repealed until 2011, and sales are still restricted to the Moorestown Mall. The cool and cold winters and hot, humid summers of Moorestown are indicative of a humid subtropical climate.

Moorestown Township is home to a variety of attractions for both visitors and residents. The Moorestown Community House and Moorestown Field Club are popular recreational attractions. Art enthusiasts may also enjoy the Thomas Kinkade Gallery, while golf lovers may like a trip to Willow Brook Country Club.