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When your climate control unit breaks down in the middle of the season, it raises an immediate concern for the price of repair. Even worse, it may be so bad that it requires a brand new installation. Climate Mechanics is here to give you the fairest price possible. Heating, ventilation, aerosol duct sealing, and air conditioning services are provided to all residents in Washington Township, N.J.

Heating Installation and Repair Services in Washington Township, N.J.

We’re proud to offer every customer top of the line appliances to get through the rough winter weather. Our technicians take care of your home like their own, whether you need a repair, installation, or just feel that an inspection is due. It never hurts to make sure that everything is running with efficiency so that there is no need to make an emergency call in the middle of winter.

Ventilation Services in Washington Twp, New Jersey

A tightly-sealed home free or air leaks should be the ultimate goal for any homeowner. A series of vents are necessary to exchange the indoor air to release contaminants, stale air, and humidity while pulling in fresh air. Our detail-oriented technicians evaluate the air inside your home and do all of the work to ensure that your vents are adequate.

Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Services in Washington Township, N.J.

A serviced cooling system controls temperature, humidity, and the overall comfort level of being indoors. It will wear down over time, especially being used constantly in the summer months. Professional maintenance and repair keep the appliance running at its optimal potential until it is time for replacement. We will take care of the new installation and offer the best recommendations for energy efficient upgrades.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing Services in Washington Twp, New Jersey

Our advanced and unique solution to sealing ducts is to work from the inside out. In one visit, the sealant is distributed and guaranteed to hold up for a minimum of 10 years.

Preventative Maintenance in Washington Township, N.J.

Everyone is encouraged to commit to a maintenance plan to keep their HVAC systems in their best condition. A tune-up before usage season is a reassurance that the appliances will not break down unexpectedly. Repairs are cheaper the sooner an issue is detected, and it’s easier to see a technician when there is not a flood of emergency calls tying up their schedule.

We can pay your home a visit as soon as you head over and fill out the simple contact form. Below you will find a detailed list of the exceptional services we provide to all of our valued customers.

We offer the following services in Washington Twp., NJ: